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You’ve Seen The Viral A380 Video, Now See The Passenger’s View

We recently shared a very viral video of an Emirates Airbus A380 landing in crosswinds at Dusseldorf. To be kind, the landing was less than stellar. In the video, you see the pilot touch down harshly on the mains. He or she then kicks in too much rudder, then overcorrects in the opposite direction, leading to dangerous swerving on the runway that was finally dampened as the aircraft slowed.

Video has now been posted by T4ig4 on Youtube of landing from the passenger’s perspective.  In the video, you can sense that the landing was pretty rough.  You get a sense of the firm touchdown. Then, pan your eyes to the runway edge markings, you’ll notice that it almost disappears (indicating that the aircraft is swerving to the right) followed by a correction back to centerline.

It’s an interesting perspective of a rough landing.

The original video is below. It has now been seen over 11M times on Youtube.

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