YouTube Stream of ‘Virtual LAX’ Is The Coolest/Weirdest Thing We’ve Seen In a While

Avgeeks are a unique bunch of people.   They tend to be slightly geeky, passionate about anything aviation, and tech savvy.  One of the latest projects we came across is a fascinating combination of cool and geeky.  It’s a simulation of LAX based on actual ATC transmissions and ADS-B readouts. It looks like a Playstation 2 quality-version of a flight sim with very realistic terminals, flashing PAPIs, and a constantly updated arrival/departure board.

You can watch the stream here.

The display is supported by viewers who can donate here.  The display is produced by using Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3d V4.  Prepar3d is the successor to Microsoft’s FlightSim program.

LAX International (the real one) is one of the busiest airports in the world. Over 80,000,000 people flew through LAX in 2016. The airport has some of the most diverse lineups of airlines of any airport in the country. Five airlines consider LAX a hub. The airport has eight numbered terminals plus an additional international terminal that handles international traffic for American and United Airlines.

LAX is also a ‘hub’ for avgeeks. The east-side of the airport is a hotspot for avgeek activity. The In-N-Out Burger restaurant is a famous place for avgeeks to congregate and watch international arrivals and departures. Additionally, The Proud Bird is a recently renovated food bazaar with a host of historical static aircraft on display in the ‘back yard’.

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Written by Avgeekery

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