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Woops! Southwest Pilot Lets Cuss Words Fly With Stuck Mic at LaGuardia Airport

Caution: Rough language in the video. Put ear muffs on your kids.

Truth time! Who here likes to gossip? (Or rant, gripe, pontificate or, let’s face it, offer unsolicited non-directional wisdom). Ok. Everyone raised their hands. Now, don’t you just HATE when unintended recipients hear you?
Of course–it’s annoying when some poor sap hears your monologue-turned-broadcast. Which brings us to the danger of that dreaded cockpit possibility…the stuck mic. When a stuck mic occurs, it is an open line to the world. How do you fix it, you ask? Well, if you’re lucky, someone tells you (on guard frequency or another radio). Or, you can magically figure it out, after realizing you haven’t heard anything for 37 minutes. After offering political, religious, financial (or worse) observations to your copilot. For the last hour.
Watch this video and listen as this pilot comes face to face (or ear to ear?) with one of our greatest radio fears. Fair warning, there’s a few choice words in there than make this a not safe for work video, so volume low and have a laugh, all while hoping it never happens to you! Poor guy!

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