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Where Did THAT Come From? Blue Angels Sneak Pass Stuns Crowd

The Blue Angels are known for their fantastic stunts, precision flying, and professionalism.  But they are also known for a sneaky, sneaky maneuver that always stuns the crowd.

Their performance typically includes a low pass near stage center by Blue Angels #5.  In the pass, the F/A-18 conducts a powerful, yet graceful flyby in full view of the crowd.  While the jet is loud, it is fully anticipated by the crowd.  But just as the fighter completes the low pass, the real fun begins. In a sneak maneuver, the other solo flies from behind the crowd at a high rate of speed.  So loud that the roar of the engines only becomes audible right as the jet zooms over the crowd and goes vertical to join the rest of the formation.

The crowd is usually stunned and this video is no different.  Check out the video provided by  We also invite you to see our other stories from Oshkosh’s AirVenture 2017:

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Written by Avgeekery

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