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When B-29s Rumble And F-86s Whistle Over Oshkosh, The Best Airshow Is About To Get Started

AirVenture 2017 Hasn’t Even Started Yet, But The Arrivals In These Two Videos Promise A Stellar Show

Photo Courtesy / Anthony Richards

Aircraft have been arriving at Wittman Regional Airport (KOSH) in Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the beginning of the 65th version of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) AirVenture Oshkosh. For the week AirVenture is in town KOSH becomes the world’s busiest airport and hosts upwards of 10,000 aircraft and close to three-quarters of a million visitors. The video below is a great look at a cross-section of the aircraft that have arrived at Oshkosh so far (with more arriving every hour). We’ll be doing our best to keep Nation on top of the events at Oshkosh for the next week. Thanks to YouTuber airailimages for uploading this video!

The Boeing B-29 Superfortress “Doc”, a couple of Douglas C-47 Skytrains, a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, a North American P-51D Mustang, a Beech T-34 Mentor, a Douglas B-26 Invader, a Boeing MH-47G Chinook special operations helicopter, and a liberal smattering of Cessnas, Pipers, Beechcrafts, and other civil registered aircraft all appear in the video. Doc’s landing is shown again in slow motion at the end of the video. That is one impressive-looking aircraft! We can’t wait for the video of the two operational Boeing B-29s in the world, “Doc” and the Commemorative Air Force B-29 “Fifi”, flying together- a sight that hasn’t been seen by human eyes for decades. You can be sure we’ll bring to you!

Here’s a video by shot on Friday highlighting arrivals from late last week. Watch for the section of North American F-86 Sabres followed by a Canadair CT-133 Silver Star landing late in the clip. Things get a little hectic with civil aircraft using both sides of runway 36 and the adjacent taxiway simultaneously, but hey…that’s Oshkosh during the last week of July! Thanks to Airshowstuff for posting this one, and watch for many more!

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Bill Walton

Written by Bill Walton

Bill Walton is a life-long aviation enthusiast and expert in aircraft recognition. As a teenager Bill helped his engineer father build an award-winning T-18 homebuilt airplane in their Wisconsin basement. Bill is a freelance writer, an avid sailor, engineer, announcer, husband, father, uncle, mentor, coach, and Navy veteran. Bill lives north of Houston TX with his wife and son under the approach path to KDWH runway 17R, which means they get to look up at a lot of airplanes. A very good thing.

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