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WestJet Changes Its Name To Canada Air–Well Sorta

WestJet makes announcement with a new video highlighting how Canadian they are.

This time of year, its nearly impossible to tell truth from fake news.  WestJet had some April Fools fun by letting the world know that Canadians are better than any other country.  Their friendliness, diversity, and generosity sets Canadians apart from the rest of the world. In honor of the 150th birthday of Canada, WestJet has decided to change its name to Canada Air.  In front of a Boeing 737-700, WestJet unveiled its new and shortest-lived livery.

It’s all fake news…

Only its not real.  We’ve been had by another April Fools joke!

To be honest, it wasn’t their best viral video gig. The commercial was a bridge too far.  After all, why would anyone change the name of Canada’s second largest airline to a name that is the inverse of their main competitor?  It still made us chuckle though. And true avgeeks wouldn’t mind seeing a new paint scheme with colors that kind of like the old Hartford Whalers logo.

While enjoyable, we have to say that this wasn’t their best work. WestJet’s Christmas videos are amazing and hit viewers right in the ‘feels’.  Still though, kudos to an airline for finding ways to keep the flying experience light hearted.

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Written by Avgeekery

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