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WestJet Christmas Miracle Video Helps Those In Need This Year

Known for their special Christmas cheer, WestJet delivers a special gift for victims of the Fort McMurray Fire.

Every year WestJet Airlines pulls off a special Christmas ‘miracle’.  In previous years, they’ve set up a special Santa video conference where passenger made known their wishes prior to their flight and Santa magically delivered at the end of their flight.  It was a magical treat for each passenger as they walked away with an LED TV or new camera. WestJet works to outdo themselves every year.

This year, they worked towards a higher purpose.  In early May, the Fort McMurray fire destroyed over 2,400 homes.  It was one of the biggest wildfires ever in Canadian history. It obliterated 1.5M acres and was the costliest wildfire ever in Canada. Westjet found a way to deliver some Christmas joy to the town.  With Christmas precision, they constructed an ice skating rink in the town. They then delivered special memories to affected families that brought tears to the eyes of everyone who participated (and most who watch the video too). They also gave free flights to every family who participated. Well done WestJet. Great job spreading some Christmas cheer!


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