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Week In Review for March 12, 2016: Here’s What Happened On


How was your week? It was a good week at thanks to some great videos and stories. In case you missed any, here’s a look back.

NO PILOT REQUIRED: Here’s a story about an Air Force pilot who bailed out of a plane that was out of control and appeared to be headed for a crash. You’ll have trouble believing what happened next.

DRONE HUNTER: A company in England has developed a shoulder-mounted weapon that can safely capture drones that are violating air space or carrying lethal cargo.

B-2 … B, AS IN BEAUTY: Captured in flight, the B-2 bomber is as graceful as it is stealthy.

HEY, ISIS … DUCK: The Air Force announced its deploying three B-52s to Spain for “training.” ISIS might find out soon exactly what kind of “training” that will be. (And keep reading for a story about how B-52s are still ass kickers.)

THE VOICE (NOT THE SHOW): So who is Bitchin’ Betty? Meet the voice of the cockpit audio warning system that F-18 pilots know like a good friend.

TRIPLE SEVEN SWISS DEBUT: As Boeing’s 777 comes on line with more commercial airlines, there will be more maiden flights like this one – the inaugural revenue flight of Swiss’ 777-300ER.

SALUTE TO THE RESCUE CREWS: Put the technology of Go-Pro cameras along with a skilled editor and brave helicopter rescue crews and you’ve got a beautiful and educational video of training exercises.

B-52 STILL BUFF ENOUGH TO KICK BUTT: Even though it’s over 60 years old, the B-52 BUFF is still capable of kicking some serious ass.

STORIES OF TWO FLIGHT MYSTERIES: Ever since man saw birds soaring, there’s been a mystery to flight. Sometimes those mysteries involved tragedies that have incomplete explanations.

DON’T GET STRESSED; IT PASSED THE TEST: The average person probably doesn’t understand that most aircraft undergo tests that stress the structure far beyond expected limits. Here’s how the wing of a 777 held up to a high-stress test.


Written by Wendell Barnhouse

Wendell Barnhouse is a veteran journalist with over 40 years of experience as a writer and an editor. For the last 30 years, he wrote about college sports but he has had an interest and curiosity about aviation since he was in grade school.

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Nervous Flyer? Don’t Stress! This Is How Strong The Wing Of a 777 Actually Is.

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