Hold My Beer And Watch This! Barefoot Man Waterskis Behind A Floatplane

Barefoot waterskiing is impressive. Barefoot waterskiing behind a float plane is incredible!

Let’s stop for a moment – well, this exercise would require much more than a moment – and considered all the wonders that the human mind can conjure. All those discoveries and wonders can practically fill the infinity of the Internet.

Man has discovered fire, invented the wheel and decided he can eat raw oysters. The evolution of discovery will continue as long as a person has the ability to utter the phrase, “Hold my beer … watch this.”

This video involves, GoPro cameras (we’ve already seen their use in this Avgeekery.com post), a barefoot water skier, a float plane, a skilled pilot and a placid body of water.

What goes unanswered: Does this guy not have any friends who own a ski boat?