Full Power: Massive 757 Does High-Speed Flyby Followed By Unrestricted Climb


This lightweight 757 does a low-level fly-by followed by a cloud-piercing climb.

If you are an avgeek, you’ll love watching this video.  We’re suckers for unrestricted climbs of our favorite aircraft.  The 757 is definitely on the list.

The 757 was developed to take the place of the popular 727. A narrow-body, single-aisle commercial aircraft, it was designed for airlines facing higher fuel prices. The new plane’s design used lighter materials and featured better aerodynamics.

Plus, the twin-engine design improved fuel efficiency. The 757 was built to save 20 percent of fuel consumption. The power-to-weight ratio made it possible for it to operate from shorter runways plus serve airports where the air was hotter and thinner.

The 757 Is an Overpowered beast of an airliner

The 757 was a narrow-body aircraft with a high-lift wing and the power plants capable of carrying a hefty load of freight and cargo. When this lightly-configured jet with new Rolls Royce engines was allowed to go full throttle and head for the ceiling, it could put on quite an impressive show.  

This video was posted on Youtube by Historical Machines TV.  We’re grateful for them posting some beautiful footage.

Bonus video below!

Additional video of another performance was posted on Youtube by roderm.  See the video below.