Watch the USS Saratoga And Her Air Wing Showing Off For The Brits In The Med

“Operation Saratoga” Takes A Look At US Navy Carrier Ops In The Med And A Whole Lot More

Official US Navy Photograph

“Operation Saratoga” is a film shot aboard the US Navy aircraft carrier USS Saratoga (CVA-60) during her Mediterranean Sea cruise that took place between November 28th 1964 and July 12th 1965. Carrier Air Wing THREE (CVW-3) was deployed aboard Super Sara for this Med Cruise. The film not only documents CVW-3 flight operations aboard and around the carrier, but also everyday life aboard the carrier itself, underway replenishment (UNREP), and a high-line transfer of a sailor from the destroyer USS Davis (DD-937) to the Super Sara for medical treatment. Thanks to YouTuber British Pathé for uploading this look at life aboard the Saratoga during the mid-1960s.

During the time the film was shot CVW-3 consisted of VF-31 Tomcatters flying the Phabulous McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom II, VF-32 Swordsmen flying the Vought F-8D Crusader, VA-34 Blue Blasters and VA-36 Roadrunners both flying the Douglas A-4C Skyhawk, VA-35 Black Panthers flying the Douglas A-1H Skyraider, RVAH-9 Hoot Owls flying the North American RA-5C Vigilante, Detachment 60 of VAW-12 Bats flying the Grumman E-1B Tracer, and Detachment 60 of HU-2 (HC-2) Fleet Angels flying the Kaman UH-2A Seasprite. After this cruise VA-35 detached from CVW-3 and began their transition to the new Grumman A-6A Intruder all-weather attack bomber.

Official US Navy Photograph
Bill Walton

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