WATCH: The Lockheed P2V Neptune From Startup to Shutdown

Image via National Naval Aviation Museum

See Plenty of In-flight Neptune Footage and Interviews With Crew Members

These two videos. titled “P2V Neptune God of the Seas” highlight the Lockheed P2V Neptune maritime patrol bomber in service with the US Navy.  The video features an in-depth interview with former U.S. Navy Reservist Bill Bacon who shares his Cold War experiences as a P2V-5F Neptune crew member from 1956 into 1962. The second video also features a flying demonstration of a P2V-7 filmed in 1986, from startup to shutdown.

image via national naval aviation museum

To the Show

In Part 1 the technical evolution of the Neptune and its powerplants is discussed.  Bill Bacon then discusses his impressions of the Neptune and his Cold War experiences leading up to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Both videos were uploaded to YouTube by AeroDinosaur.

Part 1

In Part 2 the interview with Bill Bacon concludes, after which a 1986 P2V-7 flying demonstration is featured.

Part 2

image via national naval aviation museum