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Watch The Film Intended To Portray The Peacemaker As A Nightmare For The Reds

The Film “Target: Peace” Was Made To Introduce The Impressive B-36 To Both Friends and Foes Alike

Official US Air Force Photograph

Target: Peace is a film produced by Consolidated Vultee in 1949 to introduce the American public (and the Russians) to their new B-36 Peacemaker strategic bomber. The film is dedicated at the outset to the 8th and 15th Air Forces of the Strategic Air Command (SAC). Similar to other films of the time, the piece does its level best to promote and reinforce the concept that effective deterrence starts with the idea that retaliation against a potential attacker would be far worse than any damage an attacker might do to the United States. Such were the times and the logic of them.

The B-36 entered service with SAC in 1948 and many aspects of the new (at the time) bomber are shown in the film. From the design, assembly, and overall manufacture of the huge aircraft to Consolidated Vultee management and SAC utilization of the Peacemaker, the film does a great job of telling the audience how impressive the engineering effort needed to create the B-36 really was.

While the Peacemaker only served as SAC’s primary strategic bomber for a few years, it was the most impressive mass-produced propeller-driven aircraft ever built. Thanks to YouTuber PeriscopeFilm for uploading this great look at a great aircraft.

Official US Air Force Photograph

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Bill Walton

Written by Bill Walton

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