WATCH: Former F-14 Tomcat RIO Analyzes TOP GUN

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Ward Carroll Knows Tomcats and He Shares His Insight With TOP GUN Movie Fans

Ward Carroll is a former Fighter Squadron THREE TWO (VF-32) Swordsmen F-14 Tomcat RIO and author of the well-received Punk series of novels (Punk’s War, Punk’s Wing, Punk’s Fight) along with two other books. Over his career Carroll flew with three more Tomcat squadrons and served as the Carrier Air Wing ONE (CVW-1) Operations Officer. Carroll applies his technical knowledge of the Tomcat to these videos about the 1986 Paramount movie Top Gun. In the first video Carroll discusses the reality of the flat spin scene and Goose’s fatal ejection along with his career in Naval Aviation. The video was uploaded to YouTube by Ward Carroll.

The Truth About the F-14 and Goose’s Death

Carroll was also editor of Approach magazine and a contributing editor for Naval Aviation News. In the second video Carroll takes a broader look at Top Gun and calls out 21 “cringeworthy” technical errors made in the movie.  There are those who probably know about some of these technical errors, and there are some who know about all of them and even more. Carroll takes the movie to task- which from a technical accuracy perspective the movie deserves. See how many of these technical errors you knew about before Carroll’s dissertation and how many you know about that Carroll didn’t mention in the video. Comments please. The video was uploaded to YouTube by Ward Carroll.

21 Cringeworthy Errors in the Movie TOP GUN

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