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WATCH: Boeing 787 Farnborough Practice Routine is Simply Amazing

Fighter Pilots call it max performing their jet.  Dreamliner pilots call it the airshow profile.

For the past three years, Boeing has produced a slick airshow practice video of their 787 Dreamliner prior the the major European airshows at Farnborough and Paris.   This third iteration turns the intensity up to eleven.

Featuring ANA’s 787-9, the 2016 practice video was shot at Moses Lake Airport in western Washington State. Boeing will perform this exact same flight profile at Farnborough during the week of July 11th.

These performances aren’t without controversy or skepticism. In 2014, Boeing released the first video of the the Dreamliner that even dedicated avgeeks thought was computer generated.  The flying was so aggressive and the footage was so stunning that people swore that it was fake.  Last year’s video was the first video to feature the 787-9.  Boeing is actively constructing its next model, the 787-10.  First delivery is expected in 2018.

EDITORS NOTE:  Avgeekery is proud to announce that we’ll have a reporter on the ground a Farnborough providing you with unique industry news and on the ground insight.

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