WAAAAAAH!!!!! On This JetBlue Flight, Passengers Cheered Crying Babies


Wailing babies on a long flight are enough to make grown-ups cry but this JetBlue promotion turned tears into tickets.

Anyone who flies commercially understands that it’s best to expect the unexpected. Weather delays, mechanical issues, flight crews arriving late because their flight was late are among the curve balls that can make for a miserable travel experience.

And if you’re a parent who is traveling with young children – babies especially – you brace for the challenges of making sure the young ones don’t scream/cry for a three-hour trip. If your child decides being at 35,000 feet is going to make his/her inner ears hurt, you’re in for the longest flight of your life.

Credit JetBlue with another great promotion (this one from a few months ago was chronicled on Avgeekery.com). On April 15, the airline offered a “FlyBabies” promotion on a flight from New York City’s JFK to Long Beach, Calif.

Flight attendants announced that on that flight “crying babies” would be a good thing. For each crying baby, JetBlue would offer all the passengers on the flight a 25 percent discount. Four criers equaled a free flight for each passenger.

After the first wail, the passengers started cheering and clapping each time a baby started to cry. By the time the plane landed after the seven-hour flight, all 140 passengers had earned a free roundtrip ticket on JetBlue.

“We weren’t necessarily sure what to expect from folks on board, it was interesting to watch,” JetBlue spokesperson Morgan Johnston said. “We started seeing people really want to entertain the kids and make it a comfortable environment on board.

“We’ve had this ongoing mission to inspire some humanity, and we thought this was something we could weigh in on.”


The airline and its advertising agency has turned the video from the flight into a Mother’s Day commercial that it hopes brings awareness to the stress parents feel when they’re traveling with toddlers.

“People smile at babies everywhere, except on planes,” said Elizabeth Windram, JetBlue’s director brand management and advertising (and a mother of a toddler). “For Mother’s Day, we wanted to acknowledge how moms (indeed all parents and caregivers) often feel stressed while traveling with children.”

Two thumbs up for JetBlue for the clever promotion of their airline and for making people aware that cute babies cry sometimes when stuck on a seven-hour flight.