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US Flies Bombers Near North Korean Coast; Kim Jong Un Retaliates With Crappy Video

Bones, Eagles, and Lightning IIs Have Flown Closer and Further North Near DPRK Than They Have In Years.

Recently the United States Air Force flew Rockwell B-1B Lancer bombers escorted by Boeing F-15C Eagle fighters and Marine Corps Lockheed-Martin F-35B Lightning II aircraft alongside the North Korean coast. The jets flew further north of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) then they have at any other time during this century.  It was a show of force intended to send a message that the US is ready and willing to strike at anytime if US territory or US allies’ territory is attacked.

Watch Kim Jung Un’s reply:

The North Koreans, in partial response to the flights sent a very interesting message.  Being the ever the technologically and intellectually challenged fanatics that they are, produced this decidedly low-tech animation showing just how they would shoot down the aircraft and sink the aircraft carrier USS “Air Force” (their words, not ours) Carl Vinson (CVN-70).  The ominous video shows B-1s and F-35s being destroyed and ends with a burning US flag.  Brilliant footage…it were 1992.  It’s Super Nintendo quality at best. YouTube wasn’t impressed.  A quick glance of the comments section is hilarious. Here’s a sample:

“Still using Windows 95 I see. Nice.”

“You start to really appreciate PlayStation 1 era CGI after seeing this sh*t. North Korea should dissolves itself. It’s officially the most pathetic country in existence.”

“Literally looks like power rangers”

The rhetoric between the two nations has heated up in recent months.  The North Korea story dominates the airwaves.  President Trump and dictator Kim Jung Un continue to trade barbs through social media, the UN and televised speeches.

More about the most recent show of force:

VMFA-121 Green Knights F-35B in Flight. Official US Marine Corps Photograph

When the most recent show of force sorties were flown the Bones flew out of Andersen Air Force Base (AFB) on Guam. The escorting F-15C Eagle fighters flew from Japan. Previous show of force sorties were also flown by F-35Bs assigned to VMFA-121 Green Knights of Marine Air Group 12 (MAG-12)- the first Marine Corps squadron equipped with F-35Bs to deploy overseas. According to the Pentagon, no foreign aircraft (in particular no Japanese or South Korean aircraft) participated in the most recent sorties.

F-15 Eagle Fighters. Official US Air Force Photograph

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