United Went All Out For New Star Wars Plane

United's New Star Wars Plane, a Boeing 737-800. Photo:José Wolfman Guillén

On Thursday, United Airlines finally unveiled their new Star Wars themed plane. Departing from Houston, a bold, black Boeing 737 took to the skies. The jet features a split personality between the First Order and the Rebels with an appropriate red and blue light saber adorning each side of the tail on the jet.

The jet first flew from the paint hangar in Amarillo, Texas to Houston Intercontinental for the first leg of its ‘epic’ journey over the next year. United released a video of the meticulously detailed paint job. You can see it below:

United’s Star Wars Plane Is a masterful bit of advertising for both the airline and movie

United’s new Star Wars jet. Source: United

The special Boeing 737 is a flying billboard for the final installment of the Star Wars series titled “Rise of the Skywalker”. It will remain in the special livery for the next year.

The interior of United’s new Star Wars Plane. Source: United’s Instagram story

Inside the jet, United’s version of the ‘Millennial Falcon’ features both blue and red headrests along with a plaque commemorating the special plane. United also teamed with the popular FlightTracker24 to show the flight as a Millennial Falcon icon instead of the typical jet. Click here to see where the jet is today.

In addition the paint scheme, and special interior, United also announced a new safety video that will excite the die hard Star Wars fans with movie references. Check it out below!

Avgeeks have been anticipating the reveal of this special jet for months. United first showed a model of the jet even before they revealed their new livery. It led to rampant speculation (and later confirmation) that United’s new livery would feature bold billboard titles similar to American, Hawaiian and Southwest livery refreshes over the past few years.

United on a streak with new special paint schemes

In just the past 4 months, United has really upped their livery game. First they announced a new livery. Then they unveiled two new special schemes celebrating women artists on 757-200. And this now Star Wars plane. Are more special schemes on the way? Nothing official but many avgeeks hope for the return of a special Saul Bass scheme on a jet one day.

United’s Star Wars Plane at Chicago O’Hare. Photo: José Wolfman Guillén