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Are UFOs Real? DoD Releases Video That Baffled Fighter Pilots On Training Mission

Screenshot of released video by the DoD. Full video was posted by the New York Times. We linked to the original New York Times Facebook video below.

UFO sightings are often written off as conspiracy theory. But a New York Times report states that the Pentagon had an ongoing UFO program for decades. What is not so clear to the general public is that this “program” is allotted $22 million out of the $600 billion annual Defense Department budget. That is a significant investment. So what are they looking for?

Good question, which is what makes this video posted as part of their larger report so compelling. These are real Navy pilots on a normal training mission. But what they encountered that day doesn’t have a clear explanation. (Video below is shared from The New York Times Facebook page)

The aircraft in the video appear to be moving at very high speed with no apparent means of propulsion and appear to hover with no means of lift which raises a number of questions among even the skeptics among us. Today’s video raises more questions than answers.

A link to the full story by the New York Times that details the unusual occurrences is posted below:

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Written by Kim Clark

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