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Mixed Bag: Turkish Airlines Resumes Flights, Others Suspend Service as Coup Fails


Turkey awoke this morning to a failed coup and significant uncertainty across the nation. The coup kicked off yesterday evening with rebel troops and tanks securing key bridges in Istanbul. A rebel helicopter destroyed a police headquarters in Ankara.  Then a few F-16s provided a show of force over the city.  Hours later though, Turkish President Erdogan appeared on CNN Turk via Facetime to encourage Turkish citizens to take the streets.  By the next morning, the coup had largely failed leaving behind a splintered nation with CNN reporting that over 161 people died in the fighting.

What’s the state of aviation in Turkey?

It’s still a complicated situation in Turkey. Turkish Airlines released a statement saying that “flightoperations would resume as planned” at Istanbul’s Ataturk International today.  Turkish airspace and airports are not back to normal yet.

British Airways has suspended service to and from Turkey on Saturday in response to the coup attempt.  Lufthansa has also cancelled service today.

And a US Consulate message that was posted for US Citizens in Turkey said that Turkish authorities have restricted traffic at Incirlik Air Base. They also cut power to the Air Base the US uses for anti-ISIS operations.colsulate

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BREAKING: Coup in Turkey– F-16 Buzz Istanbul, Airports are Closed

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