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Tu-160 Blackjack is One Big, Mean, Killing Machine

The B-1ski is loud, fast, and resembles the B-1 Bone Bomber

An uncanny resemblance to the United States Air Force’s B-1 Bone.

 In 1972, in response to the United States Air Force’s B-1 Bomber project, the Soviet Union launched a competition to see which company could design the best multi-mission bomber. The idea was to create a new supersonic heavy bomber with variable geometry (in other words, “swing wing” capability), and a max speed of Mach 2.3.  Get there fast, kick ass, come home. Fast. The Tupolev design won the competition, with its lengthened, blended wing layout and incorporation of elements from the Tu-144.  Recently, the Tu-160 has been on the radar because the Russians are using it to bomb targets in Syria, on combat missions nearly 8,000 miles long!
This video footage, uploaded on April 16th of 2016, shows a Tu-160 Blackjack (NATO designation) in flight. The Tu-160 Blackjack, also known as the ‘White Swan,’ (Russian nickname) was the last strategic bomber produced for the Soviet Union. The Tu-160 was manufactured by the Tupolev Design Bureau.  Not sure if they based the design on the Angel of death, or maybe that just happened on its own.
Watch the sleek, silver, majestic White Swan perform an aerial refueling mission.In the video, you’ll also see the air refueling probe that is stored in the nose rise in order to receive the gas. You can feel the tension as you get a great shot the pilot intently focused in the cockpit, then see several of these streamlined beauties flying in formation. Great final shot (literally!) of this dark-hearted swan taking out a large complex too.
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Written by Avgeekery

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