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Tristar Experience L-1011 Lands Safely After Engine Issues

Tristar Experience L-1011 final preps for takeoff from Tucson on July 14, 2017. Credit: Boneyard Safari on Facebook

Rare L-1011 flight makes emergency return on what was supposed to be its last flight.

Update #1 7/15/2017:  We received updated information that the jet made a precautionary return yesterday due to an oil pressure issue and a few other problems.  After a few hours of maintenance, the jet was ready to go.  The jet took off today again enroute from Tucson to Kansas City International.  The planned flight takes it across New Mexico, the Panhnadle of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.  Planned flight level is FL270. You can follow the flight here.

A Lockheed L-1011 TriStar on its first flight in over 15 years landed safely today in Tucson, Arizona after experiencing an “engine out” failure in the air over New Mexico shortly after takeoff from Tucson International Airport this afternoon.

The former Pacific Southwest Airlines “Mother Grinning Bird” was on its final flight today, headed to Kansas City International Airport to serve as a STEM and aviation education platform called the “Tristar Experience“, when the incident occurred.

It is one of only two operational L-1011s in the entire world.  While the aircraft is airworthy, this flight would have represented its last flight.

The plane made it back to Tucson on two of its three engines.

Thank you all so much for your support and interest in bringing N910TE to Kansas City to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers“, Tristar Experience said on their Facebook page shortly after landing. “Unfortunately the aircraft has experienced a fault and the flight crew returned safely to TusconPlease be patient as we determine further details.”

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