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Train For Combat Like A North Korean Pilot in 5 Easy Steps

Propaganda is used to incite fear or influence an audience towards a certain objective. The best propaganda can strike at the heart of the enemy without firing a single shot.  This video is obviously meant to strike fear into the hearts of North Korea’s enemies.

In this YouTube clip, Werner Beroux captured footage broadcast on North Korean television showing North Korean pilots training for combat. On average, North Korean pilots only get about 20 hours of flight time annually. They fly in outdated aircraft like the Mig-21 with a few updated Mig-29s sprinkled in their inventory for show. With such an outmoded force, Kim’s training and highly-qualified instruction makes up for the lack of proficiency. Take notes, we break down how Kim Jong Un expertly trains his pilots in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Give a rousing speech.  Be sure an aide is nearby to take diligent notes. Smoke a cigarette to look extra intimidating.

Step 2: Use stick models to rehearse the plan to counter American ‘aggression’.

Step 3: Fly a practice Mission on a knockoff version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Step 4: Takeoff on dirt in your Mig-21.  Fly a very loose formation to avoid striking your wingman.

Step 5: Land safely before you reach min fuel. Celebrate victory with your comrades.

You can see the full video here:

What crap!

If you want to see how real pilots train, be sure to check out one of our many pilot training videos that we’ve shared. We’ll post two awesome ones below to help you forget about the North Korean trash posted above:

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