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Tips for AvGeek Families- How to Fly with Your Baby


Here’s How to travel with your baby like a pro.

Are you a new parent and worried about traveling with your new baby? Just because you have a new addition to your AvGeek clan, doesn’t mean that jet setting has to stop.

Let’s get a couple of things out of the way.  Traveling is inherently a little more of a challenge that when it was just you and a companion.  It takes a little more planning and preparation.  You’ll also find less time to sit at an airport bar and more time at the gate waiting to pre-board with all your new baby gear. You also might end up having to pay to check an extra bag or two just so that you have a free arm as you board.  That said, traveling by plane isn’t impossible. There are ways to keep mom and dad sane. Here are five tips I’ve learned from recently flying with our new baby AvGeek.

natavgeek1) Gate Check the Stroller

Yes, the stroller must go through the security scanner, but the five minute hassle of taking your baby out of the stroller and sending it through the scanner beats the hours you spend having to carry your kiddo through the airport. Also, it’s much easier to keep the baby in the stroller when trying to use the restroom than holding a baby while you go to the restroom.

2) Bring the Car Seat with the Stroller

If you have a car seat that attaches to the stroller, then bring it to the gate. If the flight isn’t sold out, often times the gate agent will be able to move your seat to a middle seat with an open window seat next to it. This will allow your hands to be free during your flight to sip coffee or play candy crush while your lap child (ages two and under) flies in their car seat in the window seat for free. Lap children in a car seat must be by the window while flying per FAA regulations.

3) Plan Time for Naps

Baby napping on a pallet during a long lay over

There’s nothing worse than an overtired baby on a plane. During a long lay over, I will lay Natalie down on a blanket in a quiet part of the airport and let her nap or put her in my K’tan wrap for a dark environment. The wrap also works great for the flight if the car seat can’t come on the plane.

4) Plan for a Direct Flight or Long Lay Over

Nothing stresses me out more than running to catch a connecting flight except running to catch a connecting flight with an infant. Long layovers may make the travel day longer, but it’s well worth it when mom and dad have time to grab food, change diapers, and recharge before the next leg.

5) Buy a bag for the car seat

If you choose not to bring the car seat on the plane or gate check it, these giant bags are great for protecting the car seat and storing diapers, wipes, and other heavy items that won’t fit in luggage. You may look like a giant nerd while carrying the backpack-style car seat bag into the airport, but trust me, it will be worth it when the weight on your suitcase reads 51 lbs from all the diapers stuffed in there.

These are just a few tips for flying with your brand new AVgeek to keep everyone happy.  What other tips do you have?


Written by Lindsey Gilmore

Lindsey is an AvGeek by marriage and enjoys learning all about the difference between airplanes to woo her husband. She now knows the difference between a 717, MD-80, and MD-90. When not learning the latest aviation facts she is a stay-at-home mom (although she rarely stays home!) to baby Natalie.

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