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This WestJet Christmas Video STILL Gives Us The Feels


There’s good customer service and then there’s a magical experience.  Both those words are not typically associated with holiday air travel. WestJet’s marketing team seems dead set on changing that perception. Earlier this week, we highlighted WestJet’s latest Christmas video that showed the company coordinating to give 12,000 ‘mini-miracles’ to people all over London, North America, and Hawaii.  It was a good video, but like most sequels…it wasn’t as great as the original.  The original video from 2013 was brilliant! It might be the only video, produced by an airline (yes, those same airlines that make you endure a cramped middle seat), that will actually make you tear up.  Since the video’s release in December of 2013, it’s been seen over 44 million times.  Like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and Chevy Chase’s ‘Christmas Vacation’, this WestJet video has become a holiday staple in Avgeek households around the world.  Grab some kleenex and enjoy!

Written by Avgeekery

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