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This Video Is An All-Star Showcase of Nearly Every Tactical Air Command Jet

Watch the Entire TAC Inventory Use Just About Every Weapon In The Inventory

Tactical Air Command Was Most Definitely On Target in This Publicity Film

“TAC on Target” is a 1962 look at the United States Air Force (USAF) Tactical Air Command (TAC) aircraft and their capabilities. The film was shot by the Air Force and features TAC aircraft filmed during the prime of their operational careers. It’s an interesting look at how the Air Force employed their fighters, bombers, airlifters, and support aircraft. Delivery of bombs, rockets, napalm, lots of 20 millimeter rounds, guided missiles, and other ordnance are all depicted. As the narrator says, the three primary missions of TAC are (and really still are) to gain and maintain air superiority over the battlefield, destroy enemy targets between rear areas and the front lines, and to provide close air support.

Featured in the film are the North American F-100 Super Sabre, the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, and the Republic F-105 Thunderchief. It’s easy to pin down the period of the film because the McDonnell F-110A Spectre is featured- a designation that only lasted a few months during 1962. Of course you know that aircraft today as the F-4C Phantom II. The McDonnell RF-101 Voodoo, Douglas RB-66 and WB-66 Destroyers, Lockheed C-130A, C-130B, and C-130E Hercules airlifters, and the Fairchild C-123 Provider assault airlifter are also featured.

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Bill Walton

Written by Bill Walton

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