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This Rescue Squadron Highlight Reel Proves That Heroes Still Exist In Real Life


The people of the three rescue squadrons depicted in this video make superheroes look like mere mortals.

To praise the worthiness of this video requires recognizing the greatness of the GoPro camera. The hand-sized camera can go anywhere and record anything.


Which made it the perfect tool to give a “being there” account of the helicopter rescue squadrons whose motto is “anywhere, anytime.” The peaceful music and the beautiful video belies the dangerous work done by the men and women of the 303rd Rescue Squadron, the 81st Rescue Squadron and the 82nd Rescue Squadron.



Written by Wendell Barnhouse

Wendell Barnhouse is a veteran journalist with over 40 years of experience as a writer and an editor. For the last 30 years, he wrote about college sports but he has had an interest and curiosity about aviation since he was in grade school.

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