This Probably Is The Most Realistic A-10 Model Ever Built

Check out this huge A-10 model. (Screenshot of video posted on Youtube by RCScaleAirplanes)

We love the creativity of airplane modelers. They are able to shrink the thrill of aviation and put it into smaller scale for everyone to enjoy. We’ve seen Boeing 747s that are so large, we’re pretty sure that you could fly a real human inside. But this A-10 model stands above the rest.

It was recently flown by Kurt Tötsch who flew it at the Barone Rosso Airshow 2018. The ultra-realistic model features nearly exact maintenance panels and even has a frightenly accurate 30mm gun. The model jets flying characteristics are pretty realistic too. Check out the scene where it rolls into a strafing run followed by an egress with a barrel roll. It looks scary enough to frighten the Taliban!

The model is built by Mibo. ( If you are interested in purchasing one of your own, be sure to set aside plenty of cash. This model isn’t cheap. A kit will set you back almost four thousand Euro. That’s about $5,200 just for the kit. Engines and accessories will cost you even more.

Check out this video posted by RCScaleAirplanes below.