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This B-1 Squadron Crushes ISIS and Looks Like Rockstars While Doing It


One of the frequent complaints about our nation’s efforts against ISIS is that we are losing the media war.  ISIS frequently puts together slick videos of their disgusting actions.  They leverage social media to share their ideas worldwide. America counters with a paltry press release or still photo of an airman loading a bomb.  Messaging is important in warfare.  It’s why America and it’s allies enlisted Hollywood in World War II to visually depict how totalitarianism was so objectively evil.  We won that war. Telling our side of the story is no less important today.  The storytelling behind airdropping aid to starving refugees, killing the enemy, and sharing a compelling vision of our side to the world is just as important as actually doing the mission itself.

That is why this B-1 squadron’s deployment video is so awesome.  While it’s not perfect, it shows what every squadron and important mission video should look like these days.  If you are going to kill ISIS with warheads on foreheads–the most evil force on the planet since WWII– your pilots and supporting crews should look like a rockstar while doing it.

This video shows the potential of what slick production skills could do to better tell America’s story.  The video features every aspect of the mission.  Pilots are the executors of the mission but the host of supporting functions are no less critical to a perfectly executed mission. Together, they deliver death to evildoers and do America proud.

Kudos to the 37th EBS and thanks for your service.

UPDATE:  The video was recently changed to private for unknown reasons.  We’ll repost the video when/if it is back up on YouTube.



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