Think you are having a bad day? At Least You Didn’t Run Into a Taxiing Airbus A340

It always amazes me when ground vehicles somehow manage to hit aircraft.

Flight KA691 started out like any other flight.  The pilot called for pushback and then called ground to taxi to the runway for departure.  This flight wouldn’t make it any further than the tarmac though.  Just as the Airbus A340 started to taxi forward, an airport service truck driver plowed right into the number 2 engine.  The Dragonair flight wasn’t going anywhere.

In the video, you’ll see that another ground worker signaled to the crew to stop the aircraft that was taxiing forward at a crawl.  The pilot requested to ‘hold position’.  Within a few minutes, emergency personnel arrived to rescue the injured driver and the aircraft shutdown.  The passengers were eventually offloaded and boarded another aircraft for a very delayed departure to their destination.

No word on how this incident happened.  It could have been a medical emergency or the driver could have been distracted.

Video was posted on YouTube by Richboy2307.

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Written by Avgeekery

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