These Guys Put Fireworks On Their Wings To Make Airshow Attendees Smile

Fireworks onboard aircraft is usually a no, no. In fact, whether you realize it or not, every time you sign up to buy a commercial airline ticket, you agree to not bring any pyrotechnics aboard the aircraft. It’s dangerous! And yet the AeroSparks team has decided to not only bring fireworks aboard their aircraft, they take it a step further and fly an aerobatic performance routine at night.

In this amazing video, famous YouTuber Tom Scott takes us aboard a Grob 109b Motorglider as Rob Barsby practices for a night show full of two aircraft flying in formation complete with LED lights and a spectacular fireworks display emanating from the wingtips.

According to Rob, the team chose the motorgliders because the aircraft is graceful and has a large wingspan, which we all know is a good thing to have when your plane is purposefully emitting large volumes of sparks when you are commencing a loop in night conditions. While the motorglider is a pretty great platform for the stunt, its not a perfect one. Citing the small engine, the plane takes quite a while to gain altitude before commencing the show.

Rob and his teammate Guy Westgate started doing their show back in 2015. They are available for airshows around the world including Europe, Asia, and New Zealand. Of note, they are the only pyrotechnic show team in the world that performs aerobatics at night.

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