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There’s Much More to Formation Flying Than You Probably Think

Learn as You Ride Along On a Sublime P-51D Mustang Four-Ship Formation Flight.

Image via YouTube vidcap.

Warbird formation flights are a highlight of the festivities at EAA AirVenture every year. During the 2018 version of the Fly-In, a North American P-51D Mustang four-ship formation flight was captured in HD video with ICS audio. The pilot of the Mustang from which the video was captured, Scott “Scooter” Yoak, provided some great inside Mustang information and explained a great deal about formation flight and the discipline it takes to pull it off. We guarantee you’ll learn something from this video. The video was uploaded to YouTube by the creator steveo1kinevo.

Image via YouTube vidcap.

The Mustangs in the video are the camera ship, North American P-51D-30-NT Mustang serial number 45-11439 named Quicksilver, P-51D-25-NA serial number 44-73264 coded CY-U named Gunfighter, P-51D-30-NA serial number 44-74977 (marked as 44-63747 coded FT-pi) named Charlotte’s Chariot II, and P-51D-25-NA serial number  44-74009 (marked as 44-15267 coded G4-M) named Ain’t Misbehavin’. The four P-51Ds are all actively flown. Two of them (Quicksilver and Gunfighter) have been completely rebuilt after crashes.

Image via YouTube vidcap

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