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The Ultimate Product Tie-In: Southwest Airlines Produces Super Mario Maker Level

Source: Southwest Airlines
Source: Southwest Airlines

Talk about the ultimate cross-product promotion!  Southwest Airlines introduced a custom level on the new Super Mario Maker game for the Nintendo Wii U video game system. The game allows anyone to build a custom level. Southwest Airline’s level includes nods to airline with blocks that (slightly) resemble a 737 and a few hearts made of coins.

According to Southwest’s Blog, “The Southwest level for Super Mario Maker also offers players the exclusive chance to unlock the Sky Pop costume in the game. Once players locate a Mystery Mushroom in the Southwest Air Adventure level, they are able to play the level in the classic Super Mario Land plane costume. Also, by completing the level, players can use the costume in future levels of their choosing!”

Could a Mario logo jet be on the horizon at Southwest?  An avgeek can dream!

You can watch GameExplain play the entire level below:


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