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The UK Aircraft Spotter’s Ultimate Haven

BEA Trident. Photo by Donald Gardner.

Manchester International Airport (EGCC) has a special attraction in store for aviation fans. It’s home to the Runway Visitors Park, a unique location for aircraft enthusiasts to watch departing and arriving aircraft, and tour a host of historic aircraft including the British Airways Concorde, RAF Nimrod, Monarch DC-10 and BEA Trident. It’s also home to The Aviation Shop, where aficionados can shop for aircraft models and aviation related gifts. The park is located lies just off Wilmslow Road, and is a must see for aviation fanatics.

An Aircraft Spotter’s Heaven

A view from the aircraft spotters deck. Photo by Donald Gardner.
Aircraft spotters deck. Photo by Donald Gardner.
Plenty of seating for aircraft spotters to enjoy lunch while watching airplanes. Photo by Donald Gardner.

The park is a must see for aviation spotters and photographers and provides an excellent viewing platform. Both of the airports runways are also visible from the viewing area. With over 500 aircraft movements per day, you can catch a glimpse a variety of aircraft ranging from the ATR-72 to Boeing 787.

Condor B757-300 after landing at Manchester. Photo by Donald Gardner.
An easyJet A319 taxies toward the parking apron. Photo by Donald Gardner.

Concorde Hangar

The British Airways Concorde G-BOAC is a must see for park visitors. The aircraft entered service in 1975 and transversed the globe for nearly 25 years. Visitors can tour the aircraft from nose to tail and even have the opportunity to sit in the seat in the flight deck. You may even catch one of the former Concorde pilots in the hangar! There is also a wonderful coffeeshop and cafe located next door!

The Concorde Hangar is home to the British Airways Concorde G-BOAC. Photo by Donald Gardner.
G-BOAC is a must see at the Runway Visitors Park. Photo by Donald Gardner.

The Aviation Shop

For model collectors and aviation memorabilia enthusiasts, The Aviation Shop offers a wide range of aviation gifts and accessories.

The Aviation Shop is a wonderful place for visitors to purchase aircraft models and aviation gifts.

Static Aircraft Displays

Aside from the British Airways Concorde, the Runway Visitors Park features several outdoor static aircraft displays including the RAF Nimrod, BAE Trident, Monarch DC-10 and Avro RJX.

Avro RJX. Photo by Donald Gardner.
Avro RJX Flight Deck. Photo by Donald Gardner.
RAF Nimrod. Photo by Donald Gardner.
BEA Trident. Photo by Donald Gardner.

For more information you can visit the Runway Visitors Park Website by clicking on the link below!

Click Here for the Runway Visitors Park Website!

Article by Donald Gardner

Donald Gardner is the Founder and Editor of The Diecast Flier, a hub for model collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. The Diecast Flier features the latest model aircraft news, reviews manufacturer interviews and more. Click here to visit The Diecast Flier!




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