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The Most Hated Regional Jet Is One Amazing R/C Model

This thing is huge!

No one books a trip and hopes that they end up flying on a Bombardier CRJ-200.  With little headroom, tiny slimline seats, and a bathroom could double as a torture chamber, the 50-seat regional jet is on many avgeek’s ‘do not fly’ list.

Yet when we saw this remote control CRJ, we couldn’t believe it.  First of all, the model is huge!  It’s almost big enough to fly a couple children in the cabin.  The model is a 1/6th scale replica!

In the video you’ll see that the jet cruises through the air at a high speed and looks very realistic.  About the only time we could tell that the jet was not real was on approach.  Because of no leading edge slats, the real CRJ-200 has a characteristic nose-low approach.  The R/C CRJ-200 approach looks much more conventional.  Still though, the pilot lands better than some CRJs that we’ve been on before.

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Written by Avgeekery

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