The Hidden Area Where A380 Cabin Crew Rest

When you are crewing the world’s largest airliner on a 12+ hour flight, where do you sleep?

The A380 might not be a commercial success but it is an amazing aircraft and a technological marvel.  It is the only airliner with two full decks.  Some airliners have outfitted it with full size beds and showers for the most elite customers.

There is one area of the massive aircraft that isn’t that well known. Down a narrow stairway, there is a place where the cabin crew can rest and relax while on long flights. It is equipped with bunks and restrooms. Curtains separate the bunks and provide a bit of privacy for the crew.

Compared to the crew rest area on other jetliners, the A380 crew area is surprisingly roomy and quiet. It might not be hotel quality, but it provides a highly desirable escape from the masses of grumpy passengers in coach.