The Future Is Here: JetPack Racing Can’t Be Far Away

Photo: Promotional photo from Jet Pack Aviation.

Jetpacks were once thought to be science fiction. How could a man fly without a vehicle? Then the 1984 Olympics came along. Rafer Johnson flew into the Los Angeles Coliseum on a jet pack. With Rhapsody in Blue playing and President Reagan in attendance, the a flying man soared into the arena. It was a triumph of the free world over evil communism at the height of the cold war. As seen in this YouTube clip, by the official Olympics channel, the theatrics were pretty impressive, even by modern day standards. But after the games concluded, the allure of a jet pack largely faded away. The technology that powered man’s flight was primitive, dangerous, and had limited use.

Jet packs emerge again (and better than ever)

The good news for all freedom loving people is that jet packs are back. A company appropriately called JetPack Aviation is set on making jet packs more mainstream. Jet pack aviation prides itself on designing and deploying the first personal VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) craft that has received FAA approval to operate. According to their site, they have flown flights for sporting and publicity events and even worked with the military.

In the video below, Jet Pack Aviation released a video showing two jet packs flying in close proximity for the first time together. The goal is to eventually host jet pack racing with electrically-powered jet packs. According to New Atlas, the racing will be similar to Red Bull racing focusing on skill, speed, and agility. New Atlas added in an interview with the owner that head-to-head racing is the goal but they will initially start off with a timed course as they pursue approvals for head to head flying.

What are your thoughts? Is this just another fad? Or will jet pack racing and flying finally take off? Leave a comment below.