The A-10 Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon, That Means We’ll Be Seeing More Of This

The beloved A-10 isn’t going anywhere. The Air Force Times posted an article stating that the re-winging of the Warthog is complete, allowing a majority of the aircraft to serve and protect troops on the ground well past 2030.

The A-10 is a fantastic machine. Able to fly low and slow, it is the only dedicated platform for providing close air support for troops in contact with enemy forces. With a massive 30mm Gatling-style cannon, the jet can rain pain on evil doers who attempt to do harm on our ground forces. The A-10 was introduced in 1977. The Warthog faced threats of being phased out in favor of the more modern and stealth F-35A back in the middle part of this decade. Fortunately for fans of the A-10s, congress stepped in to support the fleet, advocating for the Air Force to retain the jet and providing the funding for structural improvements to keep it flying.

What does that mean for us Avgeeks? It means that we’ll continue to see more amazing videos like this one that was filmed back in 2015. It highlighted the skill of the brave fighter pilots in the 25th Fighter Squadron. Feel the ‘brrt’!