This Terrible Takeoff Put The Lives Of Everyone Onboard At Risk

Mistakes like this occasionally happen in airplanes but usually its a pilot with 8 hours in a Cessna 150, definitely not a Boeing 737.

In the video, you’ll see a Royal Air Maroc Boeing 737NG attempt to rotate way too early.  Early rotations are dangerous as the high angle of attack at too low of speeds mean that the aircraft will fail to get airborne.  The wing is stalled.  The instinct of an inexperienced pilot is usually to pull back harder.  That can induce a tail strike too. Boeing manuals warn against just such a situation during the takeoff roll.  Did the pilot have a brain fart or did they forget to run the takeoff and landing data (TOLD)?  What about flaps?  They don’t look like they are set either.

The situation in the video though is pretty egregious.  Best case scenario, early rotations drastically increase the takeoff roll.  The worst case scenario is a severe tail strike or that the aircraft would fail to get airborne in the remaining runway.  Those pilots and passengers were very lucky.  I don’t think you’ll see me on a Royal Air Maroc flight anytime soon.

The video was posted by bristolcardifairport on YouTube.