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Teenager Flies For Zambian Airline

Besa might be the youngest airline pilot in the world.

Besa Mumba, at the age of 19, is one of the world’s youngest commercial pilots flying for an airline.
Born in Lusaka in 1996, Besa breezed through her school years at all levels. She started her flight training late in high school. After receiving her 12th grade results in 2011, she applied and was accepted to the South African Flight Training Academy. Two years down the road in 2013, she attained her commercial pilot’s license.

“When I first flew alone,” says Besa (as reported by DailyMail), “that was just the best feeling ever.”

Besa has now landed her dream job. She is Zambia’s youngest ever commercial pilot. She flies various kinds of jets as a commercial pilot for the nation’s scheduled airline, Proflight Zambia. She has already flown domestic routes alongside the Captain of the Caravan aircraft.

In so doing, she gives hope to other women who wish to break the stereotype that pilots are men, in order to enter the overwhelmingly male dominated flight industry. “Where you have passion,” she says, “your work will speak for itself.” Her actions serve as encouragement for women to follow their dreams. Mumba certainly is active, ambitious, and driven to succeed. If you google “Besa Mumba pilot,” you will find numerous articles, images, and videos featuring her.

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