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The MD-80 Makes The Most Annoying Cockpit Sounds Ever

Want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?  Just fly in the cockpit of a Mad Dog!

A YouTuber by the name of ‘Mike’ recently posted a hilarious tribute to the aging MadDog MD-80 series.  In the video, he mocks all of the annoying tones and buzzers alerting the pilots of altitude changes, trim wheel movements, and nuisance caution alarms. While every jet has annunciators, the McDonnell Douglas’s 1980s ‘ColecoVision’ sounds are known to be especially annoying as they tend to annunciate loudly right as the pilot is trying to answer a radio call.

More about the MD-80:

There was was time back when the MD-80 represented the pinnacle of aviation technology.  With two engines instead of the 727’s three, American Airlines touted a 37% fuel savings of their “Super” -80s.  The aircraft featured the latest in avionics, engines, and safety to achieve optimal performance for airlines.  This promotional video from 1984 proudly shows off the Mad Dog in its prime with some sweet 1980’s electronica as a musical accompaniment.

Over the past 35+ years though, the MD-80 has been surpassed by more modern aircraft like the 737 and Airbus A320 series.  With the MAX and NEO coming online soon, the Mad Dog will remain at some airlines but will continue to be retired in greater numbers.  American Airlines, once the largest operator of the MD-80 series is down to 30 aircraft.  All of American’s MD-80s will be retired by the end of 2019.


Written by Avgeekery

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