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Delta Air Lines Lockheed L-1011-500 Tristar (N754DL/1181)

With singing employees and multiple music selections from “Top Gun” it’s very clear they don’t make airline or airplane promos like they used to! As the sun set on Delta’s L-1011s in 2001, Delta closed the chapter the right way with this video. Watching this video, you can really feel how much employees and passengers alike loved the L-1011.

Delta began L-1011 service in December 1973, and ultimately acquired 70 of the type. In an age dominated by four-engined aircraft, the L-1011 tri-jet offered a fuel efficient solution to the energy crisis the nation faced in the 1970s. The L-1011 further lead the way in Delta’s fleet with innovations such as the capability to land with less than 700 RVR (runway visual range), a wider cabin for comfort on long journeys, and in-flight radio stations and movies for passengers.

The L-1011 served Delta loyally until July 2001 when it flew one last round-trip between Atlanta and Orlando. Just as it had replaced four-engined airplanes, the twin engine era pushed tri-jets into the bone yard. While the airlines had no place for them anymore, the L-1011 (especially Delta ones in that classic widget scheme), will always have a special place in the heart of Avgeeks! Enjoy!

Alexander Sakovich

Written by Alexander Sakovich

Alexander Sakovich is a dedicated Avgeek who grew up spending every possible moment he could at DFW Airport in TX. From working as an airport volunteer to gate and ticket agent and now an Air Force pilot, he's seen all sides of the industry.

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