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This Taildraggers Over Hawaii Video Makes Me Want To Give Up My Day Job

Eric Tessmer [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

While flying almost any plane can be fun (even the CRJ200), there is nothing as pure as stick and rudder flying.  The thrill of taking a plane up into the sky without a host of complicated electronics and systems is second to none.  Flying a taildragger in Hawaii is near heavenly.

When you think of Hawaiian aviation, most people think of flying into Honolulu International or one of the major international airports on the primary tourist islands.  Yet there is also a large general aviation scene.  Flight training and tourist flights make up most of the industry.  But there are also plenty of glider clubs and a few lucky souls who have their own aircraft.

The thrill of flying over the waves and near soaring cliffs must be a thrill.  I just hope they wash the sea salt off their birds once they land.

Hawaii Stick & Rudder from Hawaii Stick & Rudder on Vimeo.

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