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    B-58 Hustlers Were Sonic Booming and Record Setting Machines

    Convair’s B-58 Hustler was a record-setting machine back when it was introduced in 1960. The builders of the jet produced a Progress Report film during 1961 highlighting the fact that at the time the B-58 was “swift, capable, versatile, and operational.” Hustlers flying low and very fast are seen setting several records. The film, uploaded […] More

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    BREAKING: Moonwalker Buzz Aldrin Soars with Air Force Thunderbirds, Becomes Oldest Person Ever To Fly With Team

    Col. Buzz Aldrin’s voyage aboard Apollo 11 to become mankind’s second human to walk on the Moon will still top the excitement of his jet flight on Sunday with the Air Force’s Thunderbirds over America’s Space Coast. Retired Air Force Col. and astronaut Buzz Aldrin departed Melbourne International Airport on Sunday morning in the backseat […] More

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    Insanely Loud B-1 Set Off Car Alarms!

    Freedom isn’t free or quiet! The Rockwell B-1 Lancer, or “Bone” (B-One, get it?) is a multiengine, variable-sweep wing aircraft primarily flown by the United States Aircraft. First developed in the early 70’s and finally produced in the early 80’s, closest to the B-1 in service now, this four engine aircraft has been known for […] More

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    Too Big For Its Own Good: Why A MD-11 Based Tanker Was Never Built

    It’s a question that almost every avgeek has asked before: Why didn’t McDonnell Douglas make a serious attempt to sell a tanker version of the MD-11 tanker to the Air Force? Back in the early 1990s, the MD-11 program was struggling to meet promised performance targets.  American became so frustrated with their aircraft that they eventually […] More

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    Who Knew They Could Even Fit That Many F-16s On a Runway?

      How do you evaluate your pilots, test the capabilities of your maintainers, and scare the crap out of your enemy all in one exercise? You conduct an elephant walk! An elephant walk is a mass launch exercise where a large group of aircraft launch at the same time.   Some pilots have joked that you’d […] More

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    This Is How You Pre-Flight the SR-71 Blackbird

    Avgeekery is proud to profile ‘avgeeks’ who share their passion for aviation in unique ways.  Recently, we ran into Erik Johnson.  He is a self-professed avgeek having grown up immersed in the world of aviation with a secondary love of photography. His father was in the Air Force and a civilian pilot.  After high school, he […] More

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    High, Hot and Dirty Landings

    Fort Carson, CO; Red Devil Landing Zone (LZ) Red Devil Landing Zone is the highest altitude tactical dirt landing zone in the United States available for military training.  As a part of the First Carson Range, the 302d Airlift Wing has by agreement used the landing zone for unique training sorties for the past few […] More

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