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    Tuscaloosa Airshow to Host Blue Angels, Top Military and Civilian Aircraft

    TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — The Navy’s Blue Angels and many of the nation’s top military and civilian aircraft are poised to return this weekend to the skies over western Alabama for the Tuscaloosa Regional Air Show. The two-day show is scheduled for this Saturday and Sunday, and will mark the Blue Angels fifth visit to Tuscaloosa during the […] More

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    Three-Time Blue Angels Boss Greg Wooldridge Launches Campaign for Governor

    PENSACOLA, Fla. — Retired Naval aviator and three-time Blue Angels Boss Greg C. Wooldridge has tossed his flight helmet into the ring for governor of Oregon. Wooldridge, who earned his wings of gold as a naval pilot in 1971, wants to take an active position in helping his adoptive state advance in becoming a better state, and […] More

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    Hand Salute: Happy Veterans Day From!

    Happy Veterans Day! From the grunts to the wing wipers, boomers and gas passers; to the brown shoes and the black shoes; wearers of desert boots, jungle boots, boondockers, jump boots, flight boots or deck boots; MOPPs, cranials, brain buckets, ACHs, MICHs, SPHs, HGUs, berets, boonie hats, pith helmets, leather helmets, dixie cups, 50-mission crush […] More

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    VAQ-130 ZAPPERS 2016 Cruise Video is AvGeek Overdose

    “To win in combat with trained aircrew and combat ready aircraft whenever called upon to support and defend the Constitution of the United States through the military element of power” Electronic Attack plays a critical role in military aviation warfare, taking out an enemy’s defenses, radar and anything dependent on electronics to operate. These squadrons […] More

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    Top Gun Has Been Making Enemies Squirm Since the 60s

    Fighter Weapons School at Miramar turned fighter pilots into zipper-suited sun gods. On March 3rd 1969 the United States Navy established its Fighter Weapons School at Naval Air Station Miramar outside of San Diego in California. You know the school better as TOP GUN. The school began producing pilots and crews with much improved air […] More

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    A P-3 Orion Turboprop at 46,000+ feet? It happened!

    On February 4, 1971, Aircraft commander Commander Donald H. Lilienthal, flying P-3C Orion BuNo 156512 (c/n 5506), set a world horizontal flight altitude record for the heavy turboprop class of 45,018 feet (13,721.5 meters). Lilenthal was flying from Edwards Air Force Base in California at the time. However, this was just one of several speed, […] More

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    Hands Down, The Best F/A-18G Growler Video on the Web

    We’re pretty sure that the creator of this video could make mosquitoes look attractive. The EA-18G or “Growler” as it is popularly known as, is a primarily Navy flown aircraft used as an electronic attack aircraft. It is produced by Boeing, replacing the aircraft known as the “Prowler,” and sits upon a frame that is similar […] More

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    Ride Report: My Flight in Blue Angels #2

    Editors Note: As #avgeeks, we love reading ride and trip reports. is proud to share one of the most unique ride reports we’ve seen in a long time.  Thanks to LCDR Ben Kohlmann for sharing! This past Friday, I got the chance of a lifetime – a flight in the backseat of Blue Angel […] More

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