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    BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: US Air Force F-16 Viper Jet Down In Nevada Desert

    UPDATE:  According to this Air Force statement released by Nellis Public Affairs, the F-16 that crashed in Nevada on Wednesday 4/4/2018 belonged to the Thunderbirds: NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. – A U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds pilot was killed when his F-16 Fighting Falcon crashed over the Nevada Test and Training Range today at approximately 10:30 […] More

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    Hand Salute: Happy Veterans Day From!

    Happy Veterans Day! From the grunts to the wing wipers, boomers and gas passers; to the brown shoes and the black shoes; wearers of desert boots, jungle boots, boondockers, jump boots, flight boots or deck boots; MOPPs, cranials, brain buckets, ACHs, MICHs, SPHs, HGUs, berets, boonie hats, pith helmets, leather helmets, dixie cups, 50-mission crush […] More

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    Russian Intercept of RC-135U Was Too Close For Comfort

    US and Russian relations have been rolling downhill for a number of years.  With tensions high between the two nations, one misstep could result in a very dangerous standoff between two nuclear powers. EUCOM recently released photos of a very close intercept that occurred earlier this year over the Baltic Sea.  In their accompanying statement, they […] More

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    Roaring B-1 Bombers Light up the Guam Night As They Takeoff For South Korean Peninsula

    B-1B Lancer bombers assigned to the 9th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron from Dyess AFB, Texas conducted a “sequenced bilateral mission” with South Korean F-15 and Japanese F-2 fighter jets this weekend, in response to “increasingly escalatory actions” by North Korea (most recently on July 3 when they launched an ICBM test). The USAF called it, “part of the continuing demonstration of […] More

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    B-1 Bombers Join Japan and South Korea in Show of Force Against North Korea

    A pair of U.S. Air Force B-1 Lancer bombers participated in a bilateral mission with South Korean F-15 and Japanese F-2 fighter jets on July 7, near the Korean Demilitarized Zone, in response to “increasingly escalatory actions” by North Korea, most recently on July 3 when they launched an an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test. In a statement, the […] More

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    Too Big For Its Own Good: Why A MD-11 Based Tanker Was Never Built

    It’s a question that almost every avgeek has asked before: Why didn’t McDonnell Douglas make a serious attempt to sell a tanker version of the MD-11 tanker to the Air Force? Back in the early 1990s, the MD-11 program was struggling to meet promised performance targets.  American became so frustrated with their aircraft that they eventually […] More

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    Who Knew They Could Even Fit That Many F-16s On a Runway?

      How do you evaluate your pilots, test the capabilities of your maintainers, and scare the crap out of your enemy all in one exercise? You conduct an elephant walk! An elephant walk is a mass launch exercise where a large group of aircraft launch at the same time.   Some pilots have joked that you’d […] More

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    New KC-46 Tanker is Taking Shape

    The KC-46 program is beginning to take shape.  Underway after many false starts, contract disputes and lawsuits, the first aircraft recently rolled off the production line.  Engines haven’t been added yet, nor has the boom.  The aircraft will enter ground and electronics testing soon with its first flight expected later this year.  The first delivery […] More

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