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    This is How Grumman’s S-2 Stoof Became The Ultimate Jack of All Navy Trades

    The Grumman S2F-1 (later S-2) Tracker entered United States Navy (USN) service with VS-26 Ready Squadron during February of 1954. Stoofs would go on to serve with the USN for 32 years, and are only now being replaced by some foreign operators today. The basic airframe would be adapted to create an airborne early warning version […] More

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    The Old School Navy Stoofs and Helos Mercilessly Dogged Russian Submarines 24/7

    The United States Navy (USN) color training film “The Hunter Killers” was released in 1967 and was produced to familiarize personnel with the aircraft and techniques used to localize and prosecute submarine contacts. The film features Grumman S-2E Trackers (or “Stoofs”) of Sea Control Squadron Twenty Four (VS-24) Scouts and VS-27 Pelicans and Sikorsky SH-3A Sea […] More

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