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    Texans, Harvards and Yales–Learn About The Plane That Trained The Boys Who Won The War

    On April 1st 1935 the North American prototype that would become the T-6 Texan first took flight. The United States Army Air Corps (USAAC) referred to them as T-6 Texans. The United States Navy called them SNJs. The British Commonwealth called them Yales and Harvards. More than 17,000 T-6s were built worldwide and they were […] More

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    Columbus AFB Pilot Training Class Kicks Off Video Rivalry With a Killer Video

    Friendly competition heating up between pilot training bases over “drop-night” videos.  The real winner in this competition is our nation with well-trained men and women. Last week, we posted a video of Vance’s Class 17-03 Drop night video. The response was super positive and rightfully so. Even our commentary about the need for more of these videos […] More

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    The T-6 Was Not The Original Successor to the T-37 Tweet

    The aircraft that was—and then wasn’t—the Air Force’s next primary jet trainer!   The T-37 entered service with the USAF in 1957 and served through 2009. Each pilot trainee logged approximately 90 hours in the T-37, about a third of that time was solo.  Did you know that the T-37 served much longer than originally […] More

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    The Most Epic Pilot Training Video Ever

    Pilot training is awesome…your pilot training graduation video should be too! The US Air Force’s pilot training program is a tough 55 week program that challenges every student pilot to the max.  It is full of testing, challenging flights, angry instructors and competition at every turn.  It also might be the coolest job in the […] More

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