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    The T-28 Trojan: North American Aviation’s Next and Last Great Prop-Driven Trainer

    When during late 1947 North American Aviation (NAA) began development what would eventually become the T-28 Trojan trainer, they could not possibly have known that their next trainer design would serve in multiple roles for more than 30 years with nearly 30 countries around the world. NAA’s previous trainer design, the hugely successful T-6 Texan, […] More

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    Watch: Rare Video Shows Off The Pride Of North American Aviation’s Mid-Century Aircraft

    When North American Aviation produced the film “The North American Story” during the 1950s, their new F-100 Super Sabre fighter bomber had only been in service for a short time. The film features several variants of North American’s finest, including FJ Fury fighter bombers, F-86 Sabre fighters, BT-9 trainers, O-47 observation aircraft, XB-21 Dragon bombers, T-6/SNJ/Harvard […] More

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    Ravens And Their T-28D Nomads Waged A Savage Secret War In Laos

    North American’s iconic radial-engine trainer, the T-28 Trojan, trained thousands of Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force pilots. Many of them fought in the skies above Vietnam and Southeast Asia. T-28s were also flown as forward air control (FAC) platforms and even as counter-insurgency (COIN) ground attack aircraft- not just by American and South Vietnamese […] More

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    True #Avgeek Challenge: How Many Navy Planes Do You See In This Film?

    Test Your Aircraft Recognition Skills With This 1970 Navy Film “Flight:  The Romance of Naval Aviation” is a film produced by the United States Navy (USN) and distributed in 1970. With no narration but a fusion jazz music accompaniment, the film’s footage was shot aboard the Midway-class aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea (CVA-43), the Forrestal-class […] More