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    What A Magnificent Craft She Was: The Space Shuttle On Approach

    It’s hard to believe that we are approaching 7 years since America launched its own human-carrying craft into space.  The last Space Shuttle mission landed on July 21, 2011.  Since that date, Americans must rely on Russian Soyuz rockets to the International Space Station.  Getting there isn’t cheap. The Russians charge almost $60M per seat!  […] More

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    This Space Shuttle Landed with its APU on Fire – and No One Knew!

    STS-9 was the ninth NASA Space Shuttle mission, and the sixth flight of Space Shuttle Columbia. It was launched in November 1983 on a nine-day mission carrying the first Spacelab laboratory module into orbit. STS-9 was notable for its “firsts.” While this was not Commander John Young’s first Shuttle flight, he was the commander of […] More

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    Space Shuttle Model’s Launch And Landing Is Stunningly Realistic

    The Space Shuttle represented a new era of spaceflight.  This model showcased a new level of realistic model making. If you’ve ever built a model airplane before, you’ll understand just how amazing this video actually is.  It’s not easy to build a model airplane from scratch.  The weight of the aircraft and the proportions of […] More

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    How The US Space Shuttle Lost Its Jet Engines

    Similar in concept to the USSR’s shuttle-clone Buran, the US Space Shuttle went through many design iterations including a concept where jet engines could be attached to the space vehicle for ferry and/or powered approaches.  The concept proved unfeasible and too costly.  Avgeekery contributor JP Santiago tells us why. As design work by various aerospace companies began […] More

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